What roles can I assign my teammates in Luna Playground?

A list of user roles in Playground and their associated permissions.

In Luna Playground, users' access to a company's content and their ability to make changes is determined by the role they have. As a company admin, you will be able to assign roles to your users to ensure they have the appropriate permissions.

Here is a list of roles that users can be assigned in Playground.

Administrators have complete access and control over the company's account in Playground. These users can add/remove users, change permissions, edit billing and subscriptions setting, and view/edit any property in Playground.

Manager can add, edit, delete and download any app in Luna Playground.

Developer can add, edit, delete and download their own apps.

Recorder can create a capture and replay it in the Editor.

Analyst can view Insights (Link to Insights article) and settings for apps but cannot make changes.

QA can view apps assigned to them by a developer, manager or admin.